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Make Us a Part of Your Personal Teaching Program

Perry Hall Driving School recognizes that the most important aspect of young driver education is your role as the mentor. Deaths and injuries drop dramatically when parents or other mentors are directly involved in training young drivers!

For that reason, we require a mentor to attend 90 minutes of our first session for young drivers. We will help you reach the same goal we are after: Keeping your new driver safely on the road.

Your Guidance Will Be Needed for Years to Come

Studies indicate that it will take a new driver about five years to reach the skill level of an average driver. Even when your rookie shows excellent physical control of a vehicle, there are more difficult aspects of safe driving that need to be learned.
  • The proper use of one's eyes on the road
  • The ability to think ahead
  • Predicting the possible moves in surrounding traffic
After your new driver is licensed, he or she will still need your wisdom and guidance.

Help Your Rookie Driver Become a Better Driver

One of the first things you and your young driver will want to learn is emotional control. Both of you will be nervous on the road, so here are some tips to help everyone stay calm.
  • Teach alone with just you and your student. Don't allow any backseat distractions.
  • Keep your left hand in your student's lap and be ready to take the wheel
  • Speak in a steady voice and understand their emotions
  • Use the word "correct" as a confirmation and "right" only when giving directions.
  • Start your training in an open, empty parking lot or other large space with little or no traffic
  • Begin each lesson with a clear explanation so there are no surprises. Tell your student you will be teaching steering, acceleration, braking, and so on
  • Let your student get the feel of the car by slowly driving around the lot with occasional stops and starts. Have your student drive from one end of the parking lane to the other without touching the parking space lines, etc
  • Once your student is comfortable moving the car, introduce the use of turn signals and mirrors until they understand that using these tools must become an everyday habit
  • Teach turning and then backing up
Rookie driver

Limit Your Time Teaching on the Open Road

Once your student is comfortable driving around the parking lot, go to a little-traveled residential area or around White Marsh Mall in the very early hours, say 7:00 AM or 8:00 AM on a weekend morning.
  • Let them practice turns, traffic controls, signals, lane control, and speed control
  • Next, take them to a country road with little oncoming traffic
  • Work your way up to busier roads
  • Early on you may want to limit your lessons to an hour or less and avoid pushing your student too hard and too fast
Remember that what seems normal to you as a driver is going to feel foreign and complicated to your student. Plan ahead, be patient and remain positive.

People learn at a different pace and your student will definitely make mistakes. Remain positive and never bring down their confidence level. Rather than dwelling on what was wrong, tell them to try it differently next time.

Supplement Our Classes With Additional Drive Time

Once your student has learned the basics from you, it is time to let our professionals take over. After six hours with us, you will see a marked improvement in your student's driving skills!

You should continue to help them improve more because they must log a minimum of 60 hours of practice driving in the Maryland Skills Log and Practice Guide, which is provided by the MVA when your student is getting a new driver learner's permit.

The new driver must have the learner's permit for a minimum of nine months before taking the driving test. In the meantime, you or any other mentor must be a qualified licensed driver with at least three years of experience and be at least 21 years of age.

Let Our Student Driver Magnet Alert Other Drivers

Be sure to ask us about our student driver magnet! It can be put on your vehicle whenever you are mentoring your student and removed when your student is not behind the wheel.

The magnet displays a yellow background with black letters and is 4 inches x 10 inches. Call us at 410-256-2350 or contact us to get your magnet. They are also distributed at our class orientation.
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