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Supplement Your Instruction With Focused Classes

At Perry Hall Driving School, we offer additional driver training classes to target individual needs, such as practice in parallel parking or refining basic maneuvers before you take the MVA test.

You also may want to redevelop your skills after years of not driving. These review and refresher courses cost $60 per hour and a lesson lasts a minimum of two hours.

Take Your MVA Driving Test With Our Assistance

When you schedule your MVA driving test with Perry Hall Driving School, one of our qualified instructors will accompany you to the testing site for one-on-one guidance. Other schools often take two or three students at a time.

We will review your paperwork and documents before we leave for the MVA to ensure everything is in order.
  • Your learner's permit must have been held for at least nine months
  • Your rookie driver logbook must be completed and be signed by the same person who signed for your learner's permit
  • We will pick you up at your home, school or work and transport you to and from the MVA
  • We will give you plenty of time to practice the skills needed for the test
  • We will wait while you take the test in our auto and while you get your photo and license

Plan Ahead for Your MVA Test

With 30+ years in this business, we know that the whole MVA testing process takes from two to three hours on a non-busy day and can be more than four hours on other days.

For our students, the cost is $150. For students who are not from our school, the cost is $175. You will pay our driver at the time of the service in a money order or cash.

Now you can schedule your driver skills test with the MVA through our website.

Mentoring Packages Help You Fill Up Your Logbook

If you don't have a licensed driver who can supervise you during the 60 hours you need to mark in your driver logbook, Perry Hall Driving School can help.

Driving with one of our professional instructors will help you develop good driving techniques and can relieve parents of the responsibility of teaching or can supplement their instruction. All or part of your logbook lessons may be taken with Perry Hall Driving School.

Our driving school won't start mentoring lessons until you have completed the driver education course and we can sign for lessons in your logbook only after your initial six-hour driver education is completed. Also, we cannot sign the 60-hour completion page unless you did all 60 hours with our school and instructor.

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